31 Dec

“The Void” Intro Poem

The following is the poem recited in the intro video for the game “The Void”. Google couldn’t find the text for me, so I’ve typed it up here.

“The dream of the future you see dissolves
And with time so does the apprehension
The world under sun is no exception
And all you see around you evolves

New traits in things familiar can be sensed
But futile is hope without fruition
The grief you knew begets no vision
The happiness you felt becomes regret

Winter fades and takes its cold and storm
Spring revives the world with love and warmth
But still the law: all things decay and age

Vanity itself won’t dry your tears
And so you fear as your time draws near
The world will turn but never change”

4 thoughts on ““The Void” Intro Poem

  1. This videogame, as the poem, its perfection. Its people doing what they like, not afraid on being out of the frame or common taste.
    Kick ass game, period.

  2. Thanks for transcript this beauty. I hasn’t enough to get the full meaning.
    I also think that this is a step towards human growing through art and thinking.


  3. This was obviously ages ago, but still: thanks for transcribing this, I was looking for it. Wonderful little thought-provoker.

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